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12 kidnappings a day makes Assam a scary place
...there have been 15,689 kidnappings in the State from 2011 till July 2014 ...
Wasbir Hussain
August 2014
Distinguished Fellows
Mr. B. G. Verghese
Writer & Commentator
  Mr. P. C. Haldar
Member, NSAB
  Lt. Gen. A. S. Lamba
Former Vice Chief of
Army Staff
Peace Awarness Programme for Madrassa Students

Study for UNICEF India: Children in Conflit-hit regions

Northeast India


edited by
Wasbir Hussain

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Women-headed households in Assam: The Social and Psychological Impact of Insurgency on Women in Assam is being implemented by CDPS since April 2013. The study has been supported by the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India.
Socio-Economic Study of Barak Valley and Upper Assam Districts is being conducted by CDPS .